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HL and Tianshui Agricultural School Held a School-Enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony

        On the morning of July 15th, 2020, HL and Tianshui Agricultural School held a school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony in HL’s conference room. HL’s General manager Bao Guangli,Zhang Bin, Ma Jianqi, Tianshui Agricultural School’s principal Zhu Jianzhang, Wen Jianshui, Niu Yasheng and Zhang Danhong attended the ceremony.

        At the ceremony, Bao Guangli extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Zhu Jianzhang and other persons. Bao pointed out that it is only the beginning of the cooperation between HL and Tianshui Agricultural School. He hopes that both parties will take this opportunity to continuously explore more in-depth cooperation methods. The agricultural school will provide more practical training and training resources to meet the needs of enterprises. And HL will make great efforts to provide convenient and comprehensive off-campus practice and practical training services for teachers and students of agricultural schools striving to share resources, complement each other's advantages, and achieve the goal of mutual development. Principal Zhu hopes that, through school-enterprise cooperation, teachers of agricultural schools will get an opportunity and place to participate in practical activities, so as to promote their teaching ability, build an entrepreneurial platform of practical training and internships for students, and expand employment channels. At the same time, cultivating and transporting local labor resources for enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

        After the ceremony, the leaders of both parties listed the plaque "Tianshui Agricultural School Off-campus Practice Base" at the gate of the boutique grinding branch and took a group photo.

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