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HL Held the 2020 Salary Collective Consultation Meeting

In order to further establish a harmonious and stable labor relationship, strengthen communication between enterprise and employees, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees. On the afternoon of March 31st, HL held the 2020 collective salary consultation meeting. Deputy general manager Feng Jun, the secretary of the board of directors Yao Jinguo, 11 employees representatives and administrative representatives attended the meeting.

At the meeting,as the chief representative of the employees, Feng Jun firstly made an explanation of the employee's opinion and consultation matters. Then, the representative of the administrative party reported the HL's 2019 financial status, operating cost status, employment status and related conditions involved in the negotiation. On the basis of a win-win situation,representatives of both sides expressed their opinions and discussed thoroughly focusing on the five consultation matters that the employees concerned.

Finally, after vote, two sides unanimously agreed to the contents of the 2020 collective wage consultation. After the meeting, based on the matters discussed and negotiated, HL's human resources department and the trade union will draft the " 2020 Wage Special Collective Contract (Draft)",which will be submitted to the People ’s Social Security Bureau and the municipal trade union for review and record.

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