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General Manager of China Unicom (Tianshui) Zhang Jiwei and His Team Came to HL for Epidemic Prevention Condolence

   On the afternoon of February 24, Zhang Jiwei, the party secretary and general manager of China Unicom Tianshui Company, and deputy general manager Mao Hongying condoled HL company. President He Kehong, general manager Luo Baoping,  deputy general manager Feng Jun and his assistant Wang Jingjun treated and held the discussion with them.

   In view of the severe situation of the current epidemic situation, Manager Zhang brought in urgently needed supplies such as disinfectant, thermometer, instant noodles, and milk. During the communication, Manager Zhang said that the current epidemic situation is serious. As HL's "neighbor", he hopes to work with HL to overcome the difficulties. At the same time, as the pace of HL's relocation and acceleration,the demand for information technology such as big data and cloud computing will further increase. Unicom is willing to use its advantages to provide full support to help HL to finish better upgrade and development.

   President He Kehong expressed his gratitude to Unicom for bringing a large number of urgently needed supplies to HL under the current severe epidemic situation. At present, HL is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Big data, cloud computing and other information technologies are bound to be integrated into all aspects of enterprise production in the future. Welcome Unicom to take advantage of its ability to participate in the process of HL relocation and upgrading. Additionally, it is hoped that HL and China Unicom can give play to their "geographic advantages", and while strengthening cooperation between enterprises, continue to carry out in-depth exchanges in other areas.

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