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Deputy Mayor Dong Xiaoping and His Team Came to HL for Investigation

   On the morning of February 19th, deputy mayor Dong Xiaoping, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government An Pingyuan, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology He Xiaobin, and director of the Economic Operation Section of the Municipal Industry and Information Bureau Zhang Weidong, came to HL and had a site research of resuming production. President He Kehong, deputy general manager Zhang Yuesheng and Feng Jun accompanied the investigation.

   Mayor Dong and his team visited HL's grinding plants. During the visit, they inquired about the current situation of production recovery, personnel arrival, development of epidemic prevention and control, and knew about the current difficulties of company. Mayor Dong pointed out that under the current circumstances, HL must fully implement the central, provincial, and municipal work on epidemic prevention and control, and take good precautionary measures to ensure that there is no one case of infection in the enterprise. At the meantime, let the production returned to normal levels and make efforts to achieve the full-year goal. While ensuring the production work, the construction of the park project cannot be relaxed. All preparations should be made in advance, and the construction should be resumed as soon as possible to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the progress of the project and ensure that the park project is successfully completed as originally planned.

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