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Executive Vice Governor of Gansu Province Song Liang and His Team Inspected the Project Construction of HL

   On the morning of January 21st, with the accompany of party committee secretary Wang Rui, mayor Wang Jun, CPPCC Chairman Zhao Weidong, vice mayor Zhao Sibei, deputy mayor Zhang Dongliang, and people from other departments, executive deputy governor of Gansu Province Song Liang and his team went to Tianshui Economic and Technological Development Zone for a site inspection. President He Kehong and general manager Bao Guangli took part in the investigation.

  Governor Song and his team first went to the Gansu Provincial Institute of Electrical Appliances to listen to the concentrated report on the progress of the project of the institute and HL. During the listening of HL's report, Song asked in detail about the current status of production and operation of HL, and knew about the market, production, sales, and future development prospects and plans. Then they went to the new site to check the progress of the project. On site, governor Song inquired about the practical difficulties HL faced in the relocation, upgrade and development process, and clarified that HL should seize the opportunities, enlarge, strengthen and optimize the product structure, realize transformation and upgrade. And further improve the profitability to make HL become a first-class bearing company in China even in the world.

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